Duplicate Role Permissions by Login

I have had continual requests by people to duplicate someone’s role accross multiple databases on the same server.  It use to be a manual process to look at each user and check the roles and then compare them individually.  I

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Query Row Count, Size, and Index Size for Each Table in a Database

I have used this script for years to generate a listing of all the tables and their row counts, size, and index size.  I can’t find where I found it, so if you recognize it, please let me know.  I

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Free SQL Formatter

I got tired of everyone at work using different formatting standards.  While working on the standard, someone found Poor Man’s TSql Formatter.  It’s great.  There is even a Notepad++ version.  Try it out.  It’s great.    

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Virtual Lab

I use Virtual Box at work for my development.  I searched internet for websites on how to save disk space for my Virtual Lab.  Chris Davis has a great series of blog posts about building a Virtual Box lab using

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The Beginnings of SQL Uber Geek

I have been a SQL DBA for about 15 years and working in IT for over 20 years.  This site is going to be where I post things that I have learned.  Everything from general PC support to SQL scripts.

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