ANET A8 printer from China

I recently bought one of the inexpensive DIY Prusia kits from .  It took me a few days to build it and and about a week to actually get a good print.  That is because I am learning everything on my own and having to support the printer.  I did watch a bunch of YouTube videos to get to this point.  Below is a list of other items I have already bought for the printer.  Some were needed because I messed something up.  The others were based on my research about safety with the printers from China.

  • 0.4mm Drill Bits for cleaning out the Printer Nozzle  Buy on Amazon
  • Tool to remove prints from the print bed. (Basically a paint spatula.)  Buy on Amazon
  • M6 30mm extruder tube and 0.4mm Brass Extruder Nozzle.  Buy on Amazon
  • MOSFET for heating bed. (Board on current printer might have head problems on long running prints)  Buy on Amazon
  • Power Socket and Switch for printer.(Have to unplug printer to turn it off.)  Buy on Amazon
  • Color changing desiccant packs (Keep filament dry)  Buy on Amazon
  • Replacement heater blocks.(Stripped screw on the one that came with the printer.)  Buy on Amazon

Here are a list of things that I might buy later

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