SQL Saturday Atlanta 2018

I am at SQL saturday Atlanta today learning about kubernetes and SQL server. Definitely interesting. I already knew about using Docker, but. kubernetes Looks more interesting.

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Workday Tenant Password Reset via PowerShell

As part of my job, I am responsible for security in our Workday environment.  We needed an automated way to reset the passwords when our sandbox tenant was refreshed on a weekly basis.  I have gradually improved my solution over

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Local Maker Group

On Thursday, April 6, 2017, I will be going to the open house at The Maker Station  in Marietta.  I heard about it when I was at Dragon Con last year.  I am finally making it to an open house

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ANET A8 printer from China

I recently bought one of the inexpensive DIY Prusia kits from GearBest.com .  It took me a few days to build it and and about a week to actually get a good print.  That is because I am learning everything

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Notepad++ Common Settings for SQL

Turn off backslash as an escape character for SQL Preferences… Misc… Uncheck “Treat backslash as escape Character for SQL” Click Close Restart Notepad++

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SQL PASS Summit 2015

Having a great time at the PASS Summit.  I will be adding items I learned over the next few weeks.  I am also going to try and add a blog entry once a day.

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SQL 2014 Cluster

Starting last week at work, we were trying to get a SQL 2014 cluster installed.  Here is the link that I found that was very useful in getting it installed.  The key was to “deactivate” the sql cluster computer name

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SQL Restore Script

I have had to script restores using different backup programs and different options.  Here is my latest script that searches a network path for the latest backup using the maintenance plan naming format.  It can also be used to restore

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Job Stored Procedures

I am constantly having to search for stored procedures to manipulate SQL Agent jobs.  Here is a list that I have used recently.

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Add Role to User

I create this script because I was tired of forgetting to check to see if a user actually had access to the database before granting a database role to it.  So, it will add them to the server, the database,

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